Atari Punk Ableton Rack

Control panel for the Atari Punk Console Ableton rack.

The Atari Punk Console is a neat little DIY pulse-wave synthesizer. Its simplicity means that its features are limited: there’s no amplitude envelope, MIDI control, or even filter. This Ableton Live rack takes the raw sound of the APC’s oscillator and turns it into something that’s more usable as an instrument. Use the “Waveform” knob to select a base wave shape, then fine-tune the sound with the filter and envelope controls. Use “Spread” to add stereo width to the synth; turn the “Poly/Glide” button past 64 to enable gliding between notes (set it below 64 if you want to play chords with the instrument). Add reverb to smooth out higher-pitched sounds. Here’s a short example of what the synth sounds like; everything but the drums is generated by the APC rack:

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