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Welcome to Quadrophone music production tutorials! Pick a category to get started.

Drum synthesis, MIDI programming, beat construction and drum FX. MIDI drum patterns for EDM genres, along with drum processing tips to bring out the best in your electronic music productions.

Polish and refine your electronic music productions. Fit different musical elements into the mix; use reverb, delay, chorus, filters, and other FX to bring out the best in vocals, synths, and other instruments.

Make lead synths, pad sounds, sweeps and risers, and more. Use effects processing and time-stretching to manipulate samples for electronic music production. Build customized synth sounds using multi-samples.

Download synth patches, effects presets, and Ableton Live racks. Download Quadrophone track maps to see how your favorite producers arrange their productions. Check out Producer Tools, the ultimate mobile app for music makers.

Learn how to compose music in a DAW and arrange your compositions into a full track. Use MIDI plugins to create chords and keep your instruments in key; create unique generative music compositions using randomization effects.

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