Massive’s Hidden Oscillator

Native Instruments’ Massive is one of my favourite VST synths: the vast selection of unique, analog-style wavetables and the flexible routing system open up a lot of possibilities for creative sound design. It even has a secret oscillator called “Bass Pulse” buried deep in the wavetable section, underneath the well-known Rough Maths, Scrapyard, and yes, Modern Talking. Here’s what it looks like:

Massive Hidden Oscillator

And here’s how to find it:

  • Click the wavetable selection button
  • Select “Guitar Pulse”
  • Click the “Next Wavetable” button

Or you can do it the other way ’round by selecting the “Camchord” wavetable and clicking “Previous Wavetable.” Is it the most amazing-sounding wavetable you’ve ever heard? Well, no, or else Native Instruments probably would have made it easier to find. It’s got a nice tone, though, especially for bass (as you’d expect), and it’s a cool little Easter egg for dedicated Massive users.

For a look at Massive’s non-secret wavetables, check out this article.